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Ké Feeling

Ké Feeling

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250 mL per bottle


First of all, make sure you have room in your fridge. :)

Ké Feeling consists of a 'challenge' where you will drink daily a bottle of your favourite Ké. In addition, together with your order you will receive a Ké Calendar where you can cross off each day that you have consumed it, take one and cross it out!

You have several options: ask for the 30 of the flavour that you like the most or mix all the flavours (10 bottles of each Ké).

Our purpose?

Do you feel good! Do you feel the benefits of taking probiotics daily, improve your digestion and much more, but above all we want you to tell us about your experience.

When to take them?

Whenever you want! Fasting, at your breakfast, during your Yoga class, after your
Crossfit training, during lunch, for snacks or accompanying your dinners, you choose when and where.

Be careful, remember to maintain a healthy diet, play sports and rest
correctly every day, so you will have a better Ké Sensation... :)

Shipments between 24-48h

Ké Feeling have free delivery from Monday to Friday.
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Botellas de kéfir de agua de Ké water
  • Made with love

  • Vegan

  • Probiotic

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