What is Water Kefir?

Water Kefir is an ancient drink, which has been passed down generation after generation, from country to country. It is a fermented drink full of natural probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our gut needs and loves so much.


After some time visualising our consumers, we realised that our product, water kefir, was regularly confused with milk kefir or kombucha. But is it really the same? The answer is no. It should be noted that the three products are fermented drinks where sugars are used to feed the granules or SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), and also tea in the kombucha, and thus produce the respective fermentations. The molecular and physical structure of the bacteria and yeasts, in these three products, are totally different. Water kefir is characterised by colonies similar to small precious crystals.

As we have mentioned, fermentation occurs thanks to the introduction of sugar. But then our drink contains sugar? It is considered low in sugar. Why? Our granules are fed with organic and ecological cane sugar and our production process is completely traditional.

After fermentation, the sugar content is almost entirely reduced, leaving just between 2-2.5g of sugar for every 100 mL of product. The magic is that this sugar continues to reduce over time and refrigeration, which means that if we buy the bottle today and consume it in a week, the value may have decreased. Remember: it's alive! :)


In this fermentation process, we not only reduce sugars, but digestive enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, predigested nutrients, and the best, millions of probiotic bacteria are produced. In just one bottle we have 25,000 million bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium ( and many more) , a natural daily dose of probiotics.

And how do probiotics help us? Probiotics help us to keep our immune system in optimal conditions, to prevent pathologies, constipation, they are essential to maintain good intestinal health, to regulate our microbiota, sleep and our general well-being.

But wait, have we invented something new ? There are different stories about the birth of water kefir, the legend tells that Maria Teresa of Calcuta introduced this drink to the American continent to improve people's health, or that English soldiers advocated its properties during the war, or that in the mountains of the Caucasus you could find the granules in their natural sources, or that they were found inside the Opuntia cactus in Mexico,... What is clear is that these granules have traveled the world to reach us today and that makes it even more magical.

As we mentioned, water kefir is a traditional fermented drink that we have decided to reinvent and thus be able to offer it to us to consume wherever and whenever you want. Fermented foods have a long history in our past, they were basic foods in their diets that, despite still being alive on the planet, had been 'lost' in the majority of the population. But nowadays all these traditions are coming back and we assure you that they are here to stay and to make us happy inside…

In addition, water kefir is the perfect ally for lactose intolerant people, vegans, gluten intolerant people or for people looking for an alternative to conventional soft drinks, juices or vegetable milk in shakes. The best? Apart from refreshing us, it brings us benefits !

Ké Water is a live drink, with a low % natural alcohol after fermentation (it is not considered alcoholic), unpasteurised, low in sugar and kcal, caffeine-free and made by hand in the most beautiful town on the Costa Blanca, Altea. (Alicante).

It is a versatile drink: a drink to prepare the best Mockails, to refresh us, a drink for almost the entire population (children love it) and it is incredibly good.

Our main tips:

  1. Keep it refrigerated at 2-8ºC to avoid further fermentation or excessive carbonisation.
  2. Think it's under pressure because it's a naturally fermented drink, so don't shake your drink, give it a gentle shake before opening it.
  3. Take it as you like, with or without ice, our recommendation: without ice and with the fruit/spices of your favourite Ké, so you will feel its true flavour. Example: Ké Strawberry in a glass with a few slices of strawberry.