Ahí empezó todo...


'That's where it all started...'

The story begins in September 2020. A year earlier (2019) I embarked on packing my bags and going to live experiences in the United Kingdom, that is where the pandemic caught me. I decide to stay in Leeds, thinking that what we were experiencing was temporary, that it would pass in a few weeks and everything would return to 'normal'. It turned out to be somewhat more complicated and despite living the confinement better than I expected, I missed my land and my family.

I felt lost professionally and personally, so, on the recommendation of my brother, I connected to a talk organized by the Science Park of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) on entrepreneurship with the hope of stirring something within me, of getting excited and perhaps embarking on something.

The truth is that the talk did not have the theme that I expected to hear and my initial idea of ​​a possible business (nutrition and dietetics consultation) vanished, entering others related to the world of innovation in food. I chose Ké Water from the beginning, at that moment, sitting at my desk where I connected with family and friends for so many days, where I exercised in 15m2, where I read, thought and spent hours during the pandemic, that's where everything came from.

Water kefir was a fermented drink that had always been at home, part of us, of our family. A friend of my mother donated it to us along with the milk to improve our health. I have to admit that granules always seemed strange to me but at the same time beautiful.

The thing did not stay in that idea but continued forward. They selected the project to participate in the 'UMH Start-up Creation Marathon'. The Science Park team helped me to translate that idea, to develop it, to direct where we wanted to go and which path to choose. After the first phase, I left my job in Leeds to dedicate all my time to that business plan, to make the idea come true, and it did. In April 2021, after a lot of work, I received the news that the project had been one of the winners. I assure you that it was one of the moments of greatest happiness and adrenaline that I have felt in my life, I was between jumping for joy or my heart coming out of my mouth, I had more than a few meters in that room to overflow with energy.

June 2021, we pack our bags, return to Altea (Alicante), and the adventure continues...


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